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What's your DREAM fishing trip

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Humber Bay Lake Ontario sadly the amazing motel accommodations n Lakeshore are long gone lol...Legacy Lodge BC looks amazing!

Yes been there twice once with the guys and once with my wife. Biggest pike I caught was 45 inches but now there biggest is 52 inches. Was to go July 1st week with the wife for my 60th but COVID has screwed that up with the lockdown. Now it will be next year same week. They are only open 8 weeks so book early if you want to go. Watch some YouTube videos itís a Great Lake and has only gotten better with the catch and release polices.

Yellow Fever:
I was lucky enough to have a wealth friend fly me out to Vancouver and we flew/helicoptered into a salmon lodge in Millbank sound (near Bella Bella BC in the central coast) fishing was good and the food was exceptional. Brought back 45lb of fresh King salmon. I think the trip was 5K US and it was 1st class

A fly fishing trip out east for real Atlantic salmon fly fishing adventure. 

Thanks for all the options everyone. We've got a wee bit of time before we make our decision. The Giant Tuna idea is awesome, but after watching the series Wicked Tuna, it seems bites could be few and far between. Were they catching Bluefin, or Yellow?
--- Quote from: bigbus on June 14, 2021, 06:25:27 pm ---Monster Tuna in PEI, had some friends do it, said it was a trip of a lifetime.

--- End quote ---
    Thanks for the suggestion


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