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LFP June 17


Made it out today out of LFP.  We started about 530 and finished around 11 as we were pushed off due  to the waves. We went five or seven no kings but we had one on and it screamed out for 400 ft and broke off.

All fish were caught between 120 and 140í 50 foot down on the rigour and Dipsy.

It was a Spoons bite again today with the Hotfish spoon taking majority of the rainbow and two cohos home.

Hi , thank you for the spare drain plug,. I hope you found it on your wheel where I left it when you guys got back. Turns out my friend accidentaly plugged the livewell water intake instead of drain hole and then when we started taking water he plugged the livewell drain thinking it is a drain hole. We discovered it when we pulled the boat out cause we thought the bilge was too slow :)
We only got 1 coho 6 am till noon.

good catches thanks for sharing  8)

No problem concerning the drain plug I got it when we came in.  That happened to me about 10 years ago with my old boat and I ended up putting a piece of wood jammed into the drain plug and went fishing for about four hours with the bilge pump running.

Thatís one of the reasons I always have a spare.



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