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"Bob's fish holder" handles
« on: July 04, 2021, 08:01:23 pm »
G'day folks!

Do you remember those??

Several years ago, those famous "Bob's fish holder" handles, from RIP "Bob's Outdoors" boutique in Michigan, were advertised in the "Great Lakes Angler" magazine as well as on the ATOM-MIK Web Store and they were very popular among the Lake Ontario charters network. Unfortunately, when Bob Hicks closed his company several years ago, he ceased the production of these handles, made using strong stainless steel computer-bent rods, rubber inserts, flexible plastic handles and red lanyards, all glued together using a strong Contact Adhesive.

In 2014, I contacted Mr Hicks to ask if he could still produce a batch of those, as the OSGA wanted to offer one handle to each of it's members with their membership renewal. Bob accepted to sell me his remaining parts inventory and I still have some in stock. Note that that when my inventory will be depleted that will be the end of it, as neither Bob nor me plan to purchase additional parts. So if you want one or more, it is now or never!

Here is the selling price list (note that the handles are cheap but Canada Post shipping cost is high unfortunately):

a) 2 x handles @ 14$ + 1 x 14$ shipping = 42$ cdn (21.00$ per unit)
b) 4 x handles @ 14$ + 1 x 14$ shipping = 70$ cdn (17.50$ per unit)

To order, contact Jean-Francois at [email protected] or 418-875-2555. Payment will be accepted through an e-transfer (INTERAC).
Jean-Francois Neron / Ottawa, ON

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