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FOR SALE: Rods, reels and combos, thinning out some of my tackle

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Hi All,

I am thinning some of my tackle that is either unused or used only a few times. Everything is still under warranty, i.e. less than a year old, bought in the winter.

I ask that ONLY SERIOUS buyers contact me. Won't hold unless e-transfer is made. First come first grab but will hold if e-transfer is made. PM for pictures.

Pick up in Kitchener/Waterloo region or at the marinas Lake O and Lake E upon agreement.

- SOLD 2x Shimano TDR model TDR86ML2C, a great rod for downrigger on Lake E and for those salmon enthusiasts on Lake O, used only this season, like new condition - $80

- 2x TICAUSA downrigger rods model DHEA10M2, 10ft long medium, absolutely fantastic for salmon, mint condition, $100

- SOLD 2x Okuma Classic Pro GLT copper/leadcore, model CP-CL-862M, never seen water (still on the warranty) - $120

- 4x Okuma Convector line counter left-handed model CV-30DLX fully spooled with 40lb TripleFish mono, 2 of them used 2 times this season and 2 more used only this season (all 4 are still under warranty, the drag has always been released at the end of each trip) - $450

- SOLD 2x combos 400 Weighted Steel on Rapala RSC55 RSC II Levelwind Trolling Reel on Okuma Classic Pro GLT leadcore/copper rod, spooled with 80lb powerpro as backing and then more 40lb mono as backing, never seen water,  $450 both, $330 for reels only

- SOLD 2x combos 300 Weighted Steel on Penn Squall size 50 on Okuma Classic Pro GLT leadcore/copper rod, spooled with 50lb Berkley braid as backing, used once this season,  $450 both, $330 for reels only

Tight lines to all

any pictures


--- Quote from: Intofishing on August 03, 2021, 09:12:53 am ---any pictures

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Sorry for late response. Lake O kept me busy  :) here are the pics

Weighted Steel combos sold

chasin tails:
What is best price on the 4 Okumas ?


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