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Providence Bay Salmon Fishing


I have a cottage rented on Manitoulin Island Aug14-21. I will be fishing lake trout on Lake Manitou but wanted to try salmon fishing out of Providence Bay on Lake Huron! Any info would be appreciated!!

My boat is at the Prov Marina, although this is my first season, talking with the other guys that have fished there for years, this is an abnormally bad year.  We've done well with lakers but salmon, they're few and far in between.  Only one on our boat this year so far.  Maybe by late August it'll turn around??

I canít comment on how the fishing been this year, another option is trailering 25min from Prov to West Bay.
Prov is a huge area, while west bay certainly isnít, itís more secluded, wonít get as rough in certain winds, and much easier to fish.  Just troll the drop on the east side.  Iím not trying to say itís a better option, but if the reports are ooor from Prov itís probably worth a shot.
Shoot me a pm if youíd like more details

Thanks for the info!!


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