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Owen Sound 31 Jul to 3 Aug 2021 Salmon fishing

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I spent 4 nights in Owen Sound as per subject line.  Fishing was great, and I love the isolation and how close to shore you can fish in 100 FoW.  The fish are smaller than Lake O in general, but still the odd big one. I recommend this place for anyone.

Here is a clip of some of the fish caught / hooked.

Nice fish.  Beautiful water and waves are always tame unless you have  a north wind.

That last one is a tank for up there.  Not sure if you have a first mate on board but I beleive up there you can only have one line per angler.

My first mate is my 9 year old son.  He was asleep until 10 AM  :)

Great video! Thank you.

All good.  I swear that is why my dad dragged me up there when I was young.

It's like the HOV lanes and people putting manequins into cars so they would look like 2 people.  The one rod limit is tough for salmon up in GBay.


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