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Silver Salmon Challenge 2021 1st place fish kayak division!


Steelhead Chaser:
Lake Ontario 2021 DAS King Silver Salmon Challenge kayak division, 1st place fish

Big thanks to SSC for including a big fish from a kayak category this year.

 It was a tough year on the pond. Not as many as the previous years. But the ones that hit the deck mattered. Warm water and terrible wind conditions definitely made me work for em!

Absolutely epic and surreal moment for me. It was a real struggle trying to land it. Dipsy with a lead longer than the rod didn't help lol. The anxiety and stress had the old ticker going a mile a minute.

The best part is I was able to capture it all on video. Woooooo 2021 DAS King Silver Salmon Challenge big fish from a kayak winner. 27.40lbs!


Awesome video.  Congrats on 1st place. 


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