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Aug 27-28
« on: August 30, 2021, 12:12:58 pm »
Decided to make the trip to Erie for some walleye fishing with my oldest son.

On that water around 5:30 out of port Glasgow and man was it rough…ended up with one then off the water by noon as the winds were not calming down.

Took the opportunity the check out port Stanley due to the bad weather. It is a nice place and one that I might take the whole back to and enjoy the beach rather than fishing.

Back on the water around 3pm out of port Burwell. Still rough but fishable. Ended the day with four more in the box and a few drum released.

The next day was the same out of port Burwell; rough but fishable. Decided that this would be a half day and we were going to head home than stay for the Sunday. Got another four and a bunch of drum.

Overall a good trip…one that I will do again.

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