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Debating on selling my boat seriously or not. What price point would it bring? Decked out or just the boat. Here’s a kijiji link. Don’t have the “fire” I once did for fishing.

Define " fire " ? And where did you fish ?

I fish Erie mostly. 1-2 times lpb. 1 week for family camp up north somewhere. Other than that it’s burwell or Stanley. No more than 2’ waves. Gotta be ideal conditions to be worth it going out. Used it 8-12 times this year. Seems to be less and less weather cooperating.

By “fire” I mean first 2-3 years I was fishing I’d go out any opportunity I had. Had the rush. Always upgrading the boat or something on it.  I restored 4-5 boats to up grade to this one.

Nice boat and great job on the rebuild!!

So you are asking $25K?


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