Author Topic: Full Planer Board Set-up VS In-line Boards??  (Read 1592 times)


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Full Planer Board Set-up VS In-line Boards??
« on: March 31, 2010, 05:22:00 pm »
I currently fish from a 28 ft Doral with a radar arch and I?m getting set to run 2 copper rigs this summer.  

I?m in the process of setting up 2 Cannon rod holders with the accompanying channel on either side of the radar arch to create an adaptable rocket launcher set-up for my copper rods.  Now I?m at the crucial decision stage as to whether I should run in-line boards or invest in a full planer board set-up for each side of my boat.  

I?m leaning towards the full planer board set-up with Big Jon Planer Reels and Pulleys run off the radar arch but before I make the full investment I?d like to know how much better a full planer board set-up will be versus running inline boards.  

Here are my main concerns:

Full Planer Board Set-up:
-   Wear and Tear on the Radar Arch - mounting so the pull of the board doesn?t rip the pulley out of the fibreglass.
-   Fishability ? I?d rather not have the drag of an inline board while I?m fighting a big fish.
-   Fishability ? Once installed I can pretty easily move up the # of copper rods I run on each side with the Full Planer Board set-up
-   Cost - if the inline boards do the job why go through the expense of a full planer board set-up?

In-Line Boards:
-   Fishability - will the inline boards enable me to fish in rough water or are they only better for calmer waters.
-   Fishability ? Will the inline boards give me the proper spread to maximize the stealth capability of my copper rigs.
-   Fishability ? I?d rather bring in fish clean instead of having the drag of an in-line board to deal with.

If anyone could provide some insight on my dilemna your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Full Planer Board Set-up VS In-line Boards??
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2010, 04:56:00 pm »
Both setups have their time and place based and a range of factors; weather conditions, fishing equipment being deployed, targeted fish? etc.  And both have their pros and cons that you have more or less stated.  I am partial to inline boards as IMO you have more maneuverability to turn on the fish over fixed boards.  Inlines can be ran in rough water; we ran them for example last year in the Spring Scotty in 6 foot waves.  The inlines are easier to pull in or let out if there are objects in the water or other boats nearby; and they are inexpensive in relation to fixed boards.  However, the two biggest draw back are that you have the inline clipped on while fighting the fish and you can not easily pull large copper or leadcore setups.