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South Shore Reports / Early morning Jordan Harbour
« Last post by REX on Today at 03:44:11 pm »
Headed out with friend at 5:00 AM today.  Fished in 120 ft of water and managed one hookup and catch.  10 lb Chinook on spoon...Then it rained...
General Board / Re: Tuning Your Boat to Catch More Fish
« Last post by bwturtle on Today at 02:00:25 pm »
My boat has seemed “fishy” enough over the past few years, but this year has been AWFUL, not even getting shakers.   Im not having a hard time finding fish, getting them to bite is another story.   I’ve only had luck when lengthening my rigger leads.  I did add some interior lighting, onboard charger and a third battery, wondering if that’s enough to throw things “off”.
For what I’ve got invested in equipment and gas costs, experimenting with a portable black box or two doesn’t seem so bad.
Would I just need one per rigger, or would one per rigger be optimal?
General Board / Re: HOT SPOT APEX Lures --- Where can i buy them
« Last post by cvenne on Today at 12:26:26 pm »
Thx. I'll try that store out west.... I'm up in Ottawa so the Welland CTC is not useable for me... Also, i'm looking for these colors/sizes specifically.... Any hotspot sales reps on here that can help as well???

#386 Chrome/Neon Green in 5.5" – 6 of them
#409 Watermelon in 4" – 6 of them
#385 Chrome Neon Blue in 4" – 2 of them
#387 Chrome/NeonGold in 5.5" – 2 of them
Buddy a I was out yesterday from 7am to 4:30 and caught 1 Walleye out between Tecumseh and the fingers 75 fow on the rigger 50' down on a harness.
We trolled in close and ended out as far as 85fow. hardly marked a thing lots of crap in the water clumps of water flies and very little bait.
3 long sets of Walleye nets east out from Tecumseh.
Another buddy in his boat caught one near Mohawk in 50fow.
General Board / Tuning Your Boat to Catch More Fish
« Last post by Strike Zone on Today at 11:33:12 am »
Interesting that Scotty has a black box system and Cannon have Positive Ion Control. Both have been around for decades and both use downrigger wire to achieve the desired 0.6v? 

You seem to be saying that the two leading downrigger manufacturers are wrong in the products they develop and sell?
General Board / Re: Tuning Your Boat to Catch More Fish
« Last post by Iwannagifishin on Today at 10:50:13 am »
I still get a lot of guys that think that they have natural trolling wire voltage when they don't. The common method of testing this is to attach the negative meter probe to the boat's ground or bonding system, and touch the positive probe to the trolling wire when it is in the water. Explaining why this is wrong has been difficult, because you can see the voltage readout on the meter. Let me explain it this way.
Picture yourself tied along side of your buddy's boat, and your boat had a voltage signature of say .5 volts, and your buddy had a reading on his boat of .4 volts. You connect the meter to your boat's ground and your buddy's boat ground, the meter would read .1 volt (plus or minus, depending on the meter polarity). You are not reading the boat's voltage, but the difference between the 2 voltage signatures. Yet, both boats have substantially more voltage than .1 volts like the meter says. Now, replace your buddy's boat with your stainless downrigger wire, and do the same test. Once again, you are not measuring wire voltage, but the difference between the boat and wire signatures. If your trolling wire was copper or aluminum as examples, your voltage reading would be different than with stainless. If you were simply reading wire voltage, it would not matter what type of wire that you used. Think about that if you were testing your car battery. The voltage would not change if you used a copper or aluminum wire on the end of your meter probe, proving that you battery has true voltage.
Your stainless trolling wire will have an insignificant amount of voltage, and virtually no effect on fish, despite what the meter leads you to believe. It is your boat that makes the biggest difference.
East end has been garbage again this year. Too much bait seems to be the theory. I had enough and pulled the boat out to go chase kings instead.
Lake Erie / Niagara / Port Maitland July 28 ... 1st trip out on Erie
« Last post by TBM on Today at 09:44:39 am »
Had a late start ... 2:45 pm.... 1st trip ... I wanted to cover water so I ran spoons at a speed varying between 2.2 and 2.6 mph .... started in 60 fow and trolled out to 85ish straight out front .... lots of bait and marks on the graph throughout the water column .... ran 2 braid dipseys one at 75 and the other at 130 and then slowly let them out throughout the troll to see what would trigger a strike ,,, once the deepest got out to 240 I brought it in and changed the spoon and set it out to 80 and continued the cycle.  trolled until 6:45 and then headed in, 2 sheepshead was all I encountered. talked to one gentleman at the ramp who said he caught a walleye in the morning .... a few boats out and they were scattered ... seemed to be in search mode? I did not run  harnesses or stick baits as I wanted to cover water ..... maybe they were the ticket? Hope everyone else was catching fish .... seems to be slow for this time of year ...... same as last year on this end of the lake?? Cheers!
Buy & Sell / Re: Hot Spot lures
« Last post by Sea Star on Today at 09:33:13 am »
Sold pending
Buy & Sell / Re: Hot Spot lures
« Last post by Nautibouy on Today at 08:57:56 am »
Email sent
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