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South Shore Reports / Delhousie Thurs. am
« Last post by wgigs on Today at 05:34:33 pm »
23# King & 8# Laker 120-150 fow 100 down rigger about 07:00 and 10:00
Green dodger green fly - chinny
Whit pearl dodger white fly -laker
Marked lots fish / so so bait
North Shore Reports / Re: Bronte or Grimsby?
« Last post by pdog on Today at 05:28:17 pm »
Was out today in Bronte.....unfortunately later than i would normally go out as i was with the Mrs.....on the water at 8:30 v my normal 5:00am.  Yes, it was brutal.....worked all depths, no bait balls, no major marks, and of course, no fish!

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North Shore Reports / Bronte or Grimsby?
« Last post by burlmarine on Today at 05:23:20 pm »
  Has anyone had and luck at Bronte or Grimsby this week?  Last week was brutal off Bronte and I was hoping things may changed  before we go out Saturday.
Buy & Sell / Enclosed Cargo Trailer Wanted
« Last post by SalmonLimitedSportfishing on Today at 05:09:35 pm »
Looking for 6x10 enclosed cargo trailer with ramp. Must be in great condition and newer model. Will pay between 3-4K depending on the trailer. PM me if you have one.  John

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General Board / Re: Best Kicker for a 21' Fiberglass
« Last post by Kinghunted on Today at 05:00:34 pm »
I run a 4-stroke Suzuki 15 hp long shaft as my kicker on my 22' centre console glass boat.  The extra horses comes in handy if a good head wind or trolling into a swell are the conditions.

My motor is a 1997 bought it brand new; maybe 3,000 hours on it.  Never had any problems with it!  I've been running full synthetic Amsoil from day one, change it and the lower unit oil every fall, fog it, and store it in my basement for the winter, use only fresh super Shell Ultra gas (no ethenol) and every second tank use some Seafoam in the gas.  I run a dedicated tank to the kicker rather than running it from my main tank.

Suzuki's are a great 4-stroke outboard.
General Board / Re: Best Kicker for a 21' Fiberglass
« Last post by Tom McCutcheon on Today at 04:46:32 pm »
If you're just going to be fishing salmon and walleye at speeds less than 3.5mph or 4mph, the 9.9 will work just fine. 21 foot glass boats can be pretty heavy, if at sometime in the future, you want to troll for Muskies at 4.5mph to 8mph, I would move up to the 15hp or even 20hp models you are speaking of.

I should also add this comment. If you can afford the upgrade to the larger motor now, DO IT. Instead of second guessing your decision on the smaller motor later on.
North Shore Reports / Re: deep meat and Dipseys on fire for kings
« Last post by Kinghunted on Today at 04:46:15 pm »
I've been using a boca grip and after carefully unhooking the salmon i clamp it on the lower jaw and drag them with a chord at trolling speed; usually 5 min. they completely recover; you can tell because they begin to swim vertical and start to thrash.  At this point i open the boca and they simply dive once released.
General Board / Looking for this spoon
« Last post by DeathrowFish1 on Today at 02:27:30 pm »
Can anyone identify this spoon. If you know where I can get a couple more please let me know

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General Board / Re: Best Kicker for a 21' Fiberglass
« Last post by Deep Meat on Today at 01:55:42 pm »
i can't comment on he gear ratios but i have a 2018 9.9 pro kicker. it pushes my 21' boat around at a top sped of around 3.5 mph. it starts every time even though its not fuel injected. the power trim is super handy and very quick.

i feel as though its quiet, especially if trolling all day with some music on i don't even hear it. and it sips fuel. i can troll all day for like maybe 20$ in gas.

if i could do it again i'd get the 15hp pro kicker just for the EFI. i think suzuki has an efi 9.9

regardless, its definitely a good motor and moves my boat easily in all conditions. tats not to say the others wouldn't, its just my experience.

is there anything on youtube to check out?
General Board / Best Kicker for a 21' Fiberglass
« Last post by Blackhorn209 on Today at 12:55:29 pm »
Looking to change my 2002 Evinrude kicker with remote controls; considering 3 models:
Suzuki High trust 9.9 HP (4 blades impeller gear ratio 2.08)
Tohatsu High trust 9.9 HP (4 blades impeller gear ratio 2.15)
Mercury Command Trust 9.9 HP (4 blades impeller gear ratio 2.42 same as pro kicker without power trim)
Honda power trust 9.9 BF (4 blades impeller gear ratio 2.33)

Any constructive comments on them will be welcome.
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