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Product Reviews / Re: Simrad Go-9 or Lowrance Elite Ti 9"
« Last post by stlhdr1 on Today at 10:04:05 pm »
i used lowrance units exclusively..until i visited my pal in australia 4 years ago....was so impressed with his simrad go9 unit.....i went the same i use the cruise 9,and the go7xsr on one boat  for lake o,and a go7 xse on the other boat for lake erie and the upper niagara....such a shame they never bought these  units to Canada..
General Board / Re: Post a pic of your boat/rig
« Last post by rizher on Today at 09:27:07 pm »
1974 Starcraft Chieftain.  Has the 165 HP straight 6.  I have a 15 HP Merc kicker.  She is an oldie but my son and I love fishing from it, and sleeping on it.  If you see it in a parking lot we are most likely asleep on it  :).

Can check out some of our videos here.

Looking forward to hitting the water this year.  It will be our 4th year Salmon Fishing.
General Board / Re: Post a pic of your boat/rig
« Last post by jimw on Today at 09:26:41 pm »
2007 Tracker Pro Guide 17 walk thru windshield, 115 hp Mercury Optimax, 6 hp Yamaha 4s kicker, Scotty electric riggers, YakAttack Gear Trax, Stealth Quick Release Rodholders, Cannon tub rod holders, Minnkota PD 70.
jimw   Thats very close to my rig. Do you find the 6hp sufficient to push the boat for trolling, or would you go bigger. I have a 6hp Evinrude but its a short shaft and does not quite reach the desired depth for the prop to work effectively. Was thinking a 9.9 or 15 long shaft for the back instead.


I have been using the 6 hp for 10 years and it works great, my boat is pretty light, trolls nicely 1.5 to 3 mph, if I crank the 6 hp wide open on a calm day I get just over 4 mph. I got the 6 hp super cheap, so it was worth it... ideally for my boat I think an 8 hp would be perfect.

Hey Everyone
It's been a challenging time navigating things lately.
The Derby committee has had numerous discussions and has arrived at the following decision.
The Spring Derby will remain on "pause" until the regulations allow for outdoor gathering with others outside of your household.
The Derby will then resume for 4 week period.
That being said we have deemed the first of 3 segments to be complete. There will then be two 2-week long segments for the duration of the Derby. The main leaderboard,  Jr Division, Members Division & OSGA charter boat Division will remain as is.
 Drew Martin, you have won $2000!
Jayson Marion, you have won 2 trolling weights from POW/Titan.
Geoff Way, you have won a Silver Salmon Challenge single entry ticket.
Prizes will all still be awarded at full value.
Ticket refunds will still be accepted up until Fri April 23.
We will be in touch you three winners in the coming days to make arrangements. 
The Port Dalhousie 3x3 Salmon Classic
  for the May long weekend is still tentatively set to go, but we will evaluate the status of that in the coming weeks.
Stay tuned for further updates.
Thank you everyone for your continued support and patience during these times.
General Board / Re: Post a pic of your boat/rig
« Last post by normynailer on Today at 08:33:00 pm »
2016 Lund pro v 1775. 150 merc 4 stroke ,  Scotty electrics, x4d , Lowrance hds 7 , Terrova 24 v with spot lock.
General Board / Re: Post a pic of your boat/rig
« Last post by Witching Hour on Today at 07:39:41 pm »
Striper 2601 Alaskan
General Board / Re: Long distance towing?
« Last post by fisherman on Today at 07:36:18 pm »
You have it backwards.  Consider yourself corrected.

Thank you sir. It feels good to admit I have been corrected by someone other than my wife.... :)

 ;D  Well, I've never been compared to a wife, lol.
General Board / Re: You people just donít get it!
« Last post by HBC on Today at 07:13:07 pm »
I agree with what you indicated.  River fishing solo is fine but hanging out with buddies in a boat may be a recipe for disaster.  This stuff spreads easily as witnessed at work.  Doesn't take much...
General Board / Re: Leadcore question
« Last post by Captain Steve on Today at 06:53:32 pm »

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General Board / Re: You people just donít get it!
« Last post by TyeeTanic on Today at 06:52:14 pm »
Survival rate is one thing.  When health care is overloaded and cannot support additional cases due to lack of beds, equipment, etc, the decisions that were made in Europe to provide care for only a specific population and let others take their course (perish) is what this is about currently.

Some of us get this and we are not sheep.  Those opposed to this think otherwise.  It must be fake if the entire world is reacting to this.  Be thankful that you don't live in BC where they are stopping people moving from one county to another.  It would just give you something else to whine about.

HBC there are people in between as well ... very well educated, and aware of what is going on, and the risk/consequence associated with ICU's being over-filled, and having to pick and choose who dies ... and we not only understand that, but we believe in that risk ... as it happened in Italy.  But we also apply reason ... if I am going river fishing, to a spot that is 15 minutes away from my house, with perhaps only my children ... how in the world am I contributing to the problem? How in the world am I increasing risk on the health system?

The drive is less than I need to make to go get groceries. The people I am in contact with are from inside my own home.

As Tom states above, whatever you do, "do so responsively."

Staying locked up in your home is not a good solution to everything ... and my argument is ... it is KILLING our mental health ... something I think the entire system is currently taking for granted (I have family members that have developed anxiety and are now going on anti-depressants because they are not able to see their family and stuck in homes ... this is a real issue).
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