Lakefront Promenade

Lakefront Promenade Boat Ramp

Lakefront Promenade is an excellent facility with plenty of trail parking, a well slopped concrete double ramp that loads into deep (4 ft.+) of water. It is well sheltered and has washroom facilities close to the ramp. It is situated east of Port Credit. Lunch and Parking are free for 2016.

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Lakefront Promenade Marina adjacent to the public launch and parking
Lakefront Promenade Marina

Public Boat Ramp
Lakefront Promenade Boat Ramp

Lake front Promenade Park has ample free parking and provides shoreline fishing opportunities. The harbor or near shore lake has smallmouth bass, pike, rainbow trout, brown trout, slamon and panfish.
Lakefront Promenade Park south
Waterfront south

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